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  •   Lab of Antibody Design

  •   Surface-exposed cysteines in TALEN proteins for bioconjugation

  •   Replacement of transcription factors by antibodies through cellular combinatorial antibody libraried approach in the direct programming from fibrablast to hepatocytes

  •   A section through the cryo-EM structure of the complete PIC

  •   Lab of Stem Cell Biology


Founded by ShanghaiTech University on October 12th, 2012, the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) aims to become a first-class, leading antibody research institute in the world. It focuses on elucidating the most fundamental problems in life science research, particularly in immunochemistry. Its international governing board is comprised of world recognized scientists, including pioneering antibody researchers and Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry.

SIAIS is building a state-of-the-art research organization dedicated to the understanding of the basic structure and design of biological molecules. It has eight key laboratories in the fields of antibody design, ADC chemistry, phenotypic screening, structure biochemistry, cell biology, stem cell biology, antibody engineering and antibody structure, covering all the capabilities that one needs to go from discovery of an important antibody through all the steps necessary to turn it into a drug. Meanwhile, SIAIS aims to enhance the capability of developing independent intellectual property rights and commercialization of discovered antibodies, and to strengthen international collaboration as well as to provide technical support and services for local and global enterprises. Finally, SIAIS offers a distinguished education program to prepare researchers to meet the scientific challenges of the future.

SIAIS embraces a cooperative, collaborative, and creative atmosphere in the pursuit of scientific excellence. The choice of projects is investigator initiated.


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