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Kyungmoo Yea from the Laboratory of Antibody Design published a paper on ¡°Chemistry & Biology¡± in collaboration with The Scripps Research Institute


Date£º23 March 2015

Research Associate Professor Kyungmoo Yea from the Laboratory of Antibody Design recently published a paper in collaboration with the Scripps Research Institute. This paper, entitled ¡°Prevention of Cell Death by Antibodies Selected from Intracellular Combinatorial Libraries¡±, was published in the journal Chemistry & Biology (doi:

One of the most important phenotypes in biology is cell death. One way to probe the mechanism(s) of cell death is to select molecules that prevent it and learn how this was accomplished. Here, intracellular combinatorial antibody libraries were used to select antibodies that protected cells from killing by rhinovirus infection. These rare antibodies functioned by inhibiting the virus-encoded protease that is necessary for viral maturation. Snapshots of the selection process after each round could be obtained by deep sequencing the ever-enriching populations. This detailed analysis of the enrichment process allowed an interesting look at a ¡°test tube¡± selection process that pitted two replicating systems against each other. Thus, initially a minority of cells containing protective antibodies must compete against a majority of unprotected cells that continue to produce large amounts of virus.


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