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Laboratory of ADC Chemistry published a review article for genome-editing technologies in Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology

Author: SIAIS

Time: 15 November 2016

The Laboratory of ADC Chemistry was invited to publish a review article in Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology entitled Genome-Editing Technologies: Principles and Applications. This review summarizes the recent advances and discusses future directions in the field of genome-editing technologies. This review was invited and edited by Nobel Laurate Hamilton O. Smith, member of the US National Academy of Science Clyde A. Hutchison III, synthetic biology pioneer J. Craig Venter and molecular biology pioneer Daniel G. Gibson. Research Associate Professor Jia Liu is the chief corresponding author of the review and graduate student Sai-lan Shui is the third author. Other authors include Dr. Thomas Gaj (first and co-corresponding author) from University of California, Berkely and Shannon S. Sirk (second author) from Stanford University.


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