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A review article on antibody Fc engineering technology is recently published by Laboratory of Antibody Engineering in the journal ¡°Frontiers in Immunology¡±

Author: SIAIS

Time: 13 March 2017

An invited review article entitled ¡°Fc engineering for Developing Therapeutic Bispecific Antibodies and Novel Scaffolds¡± has recently been published in Frontiers in Immunology journal. This review article has been contributed by Dr. Hongyan Liu (Postdoctoral Fellow; Laboratory of Antibody Engineering, SIAIS) and Dr. Abhishek Saxena as first authors (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow; Laboratory of Antibody Engineering, SIAIS),Prof. Sachdev S. Sidhu (PI; Laboratory of Antibody Engineering, SIAIS) and Research Associate Prof. Donghui Wu as the correspondence authors (Co-PI; Laboratory of Antibody Engineering, SIAIS). This review focuses on the progress of Fc engineering in generating bispecific molecules and on the use of small antibody fragment as novel scaffolds for therapeutic development. The authors described the key breakthroughs achieved by employing and optimizing various strategies. Representative design, expression, purification, and purity of final bispecific molecules are summarized. In the end, some representative bispecific antibodies and antibody fragments currently under clinical evaluation are highlighted, and graphical models of bispecific molecules under development are presented.

Liu H, Saxena A, Sidhu SS, Wu D (2017) Fc engineering for DevelopingTherapeutic Bispecific Antibodiesand Novel Scaffolds . Front. Immunol Jan 26;8:38. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00038.


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