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SIAIS Analytical Chemistry Platform

SIAIS Analytical Chemistry Platform is developing aimed at providing identification and quantification analysis services for proteomics, metabolome and chemistry research. SIAIS Analytical Platform will become a multi-functional platform based on various LC-MS instruments, and GC-MS, IR, NMR. We will provide comprehensive, in-depth, frontier and targeted analytical service for SIAIS, and other research departments.

Instruments installed/to-be-installed at Analytical Chemistry Platform

Thermo Fusion Mass Spectrometer with Thermo Easy-nLC1000 Liquid Chromatography, installed in 2014
For proteomics/metabonomics research (Protein/metabolites Identification and Quantification)

Thermo Fusion Mass Spectrometer with Thermo Easy-nLC1000 Liquid Chromatography
For HDX-mass spectrometer

Leap technology HDX PAL3 HD-Exchange System
Automated system for solution phase H-D exchange experiments

Waters T-wave or AB SelexION  Ion Mobility instrument
For better protein structure analysis (combined with HDX-MS), for separating small molecules with same/similar m/z value

Thermo GC-MS ISQ-QD mass spectrometer with Trace 1300 Gas Chromatography
For regular chemical analysis, VOC analysis and other small molecules analysis in complex matrix

For high throughput analysis of proteins and small molecules

Bruker 400M NMR
For protein/peptide/small molecule analysis

Other instruments involved in proteomics/metabonomics research and chemical analysis, including HPLC systems, IR, devices for in-house column packing, et al.


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