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IT Engineer Recruitment

Informatics Platform of Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) is looking for a senior IT engineer for maintenance and support of the scientific information technical environment of the Institute.

The engineer will:

1. Develop and maintain database and dataserver in SIAIS.

2. Design, develop and  maintain the intra network of SIAIS.

3. Maintain and manager the IT infrastructures in SIAIS. Such as, network switcher, Video Telephone Conference (VTC) system, network printers and computers, etc.

4. Communicate and coordinate with IT-support of university, guarantee the office network work properly, and help the IT-support to deploy the information construction project of university.

Qualifications and Experience:

1.The ideal candidate has a bachelor degree in computer science, computer network and communication or related discipline.

2.Be familiar with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, include installation and configuration.

3.Be familiar with common computer hardware, diagnosing and maintenance the desktop and internet equipment, skilled deployment of common software.

4.Be proficient in network principle, solid network basic and in-depth understand of TCP/IP protocol. Gain proficiency in technologies of VLAN, DHCP, DNS, VPN and etc.

5. Be familiar with configuration and maintenance of common internet equipment. Be familiar with secure related technologies, such as, NAT, ACL, security protection, security zone, etc.

6.Be familiar with development and maintenance of database, be familiar with SQL language would be advantageous.

7. Fluent communication in both English and Mandarin.

8. Work as a part of a team, good interpersonal skills and a service oriented attitude are required.

Please send your English curriculum vitae to  Title and Salary will be commensurate with experience. The positions remain open until filled.


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