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Lab of Cell Biology
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Research Interest

We are interested in studying fundamental principles that allow precise transport and sorting of proteins within the cells. In particular, our current focus is two-fold ; (1) we are studying how a family of phospholipid binding, cytoskeletal proteins, known as septins, might be involved in the formation of membrane micro-domains that serve as cargo export sites for constitutive exocytic pathway. (2) we have an on-going project that aims to dissect molecular composition of tethering protein complexes on the Golgi apparatus using proximity-based tagging technique and mass spectrometry. Our ultimate goal is to characterize the molecular mechanism of protein transport at nano-scale resolution using both biochemistry and fluorescent imaging.

Correct sorting and delivery of cargos to target membrane-bound organelles is a vital process that is fundamental to normal cell physiology. Secretion of hormones, neurotransmitters and even antibodies to extracellular space is governed by a complex, yet defined rule, and we are working to further our understanding of this important area of cell biology at the molecular level.
Current research projects

Project 1. The role of GCP60 (ACBD3) in generating a unique membrane micro-domain that is involved in maintaining Golgi structure and secretory function.

Project 2. The Role of Septins in defining the membrane micro-domain for constitutive exocytosis at the TGN.

Project 3. Optogenetic regulation of Rab-GTPase.

Identification of novel protein-protein interactions by proximity-based tagging of neighboring proteins

We have an on-going, large-scale project that aims to identify novel binding partners of Golgi-associated proteins using proximity-based tagging of neighboring proteins and mass spectrometry


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