Distinguished Professor-in-Residence, Nobel Laureate Roger D. Kornberg Visited SIAIS in October and December 2016


Prof. Roger D. Kornberg (SIAIS Distinguished Professor-in-Residence, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006) recently visited SIAIS twice (19-20 October, 15-19 December 2016) to give guidance on his laboratory and participate a number of scientific events.

In the morning of 16 December, Prof. Kornberg joined a lab meeting and learned the most recent research progresses presented by Dr. Nie Yan (Co-PI) and Dr. Li Sheng (Research Assistant Professor). He is delighted with the progresses and offered further guidance to each lab member in details.

In the noon of 16 December, President Jiang Mianheng welcomed Prof. Kornberg at the Administration Center, and then had lunch with him. They discussed the possibility to form joint research partnership, joint degree program, and regular scientific forums together with prestigious research institutions (e.g. Stanford, Caltech, HHMI, etc.). They both have agreed to cooperate more in the near future. Prof. Yin Jie (Vice President and Provost), Prof. Yang Guang (Deputy Director of SIAIS), and Dr. Nie Yan (Co-PI of Kornberg Lab) also participated the meeting and lunch.

In the afternoon of 16 December, Prof. Kornberg gave a lecture titled “For the Love of Science” to ShanghaiTech undergraduates and also students from five top high schools in Shanghai (hosted by Prof. Gong Jinkang, Vice President of ShanghaiTech). “I want to tell the students here that you all have a chance to succeed in your favorite scientific field, and you may achieve more than what I did. This has nothing to do with talent or where you are from, but rather a matter of choice and belief.” said Prof. Kornberg in his opening remarks. In the fully packed auditorium, Prof. Kornberg shared his passion of science since childhood, his drive to pursue scientific truth, and his research interests. After his wonderful speech, Prof. Kornberg answered questions from many students and took group photos with them.