ShanghaiTech University Holds the Third Session of the Second University Governing Board


On October 9th, ShanghaiTech University held the Third Session of the Second University Governing Board. Yang Xiong, Chairman of the University Governing Board, host the session. Members of the University Governing Board, Ding Zhongli, Chen Qun, Zhou Xiaochuan, Fu Chengyu, Zhang Jie, Jiang Mianheng and Li Ruxing attended the session. Yin Jie, Zhu Zhiyuan, Lu Xionggang, Ding Hao and Wu Qiang attended the session as non-voting participants 

The Board members reviewed the report by Vice President & Provost Yin Jie on the recent development progress of ShanghaiTech, and fully affirmed the achievements of ShanghaiTech in the past year. 


The Board members reviewed report by Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Wu Qiang on compiling of ShanghaiTech’s Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, and approved the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan. 


The Board members reviewed the draft of ShanghaiTech’s 2021 financial budget, and the planning of the new School of Biomedical Engineering and  Center for Big Science. The Board members approved the establishment of the School of  Biomedical Engineering and ShanghaiTech Center for Big Science. 

The Board members reviewed the nomination of Vice President and Deans by President Jiang Mianheng and Secretary of Party Commission Li Ruxin and approved appointments. 


Jiang Ge was appointed as the Vice President, Liu Zhijie and Yang Yang were appointed as the Dean of the residential colleges, Shen Dinggang was appointed as the Founding Dean of the School of Biomedical Engineering, Liu Zhi was appointed as the Director of ShanghaiTech Center for Big Science. Chairman Yang Xiong conferred appointment certificates to the newly appointed leaders. Secretary of Party Commission Li Ruxin announced other new personnel appointments for schools, institutions and administration offices.  


The University Governing Board believed that ShanghaiTech has made remarkable achievements in faculty development, student training and scientific research in the past seven years, and university’s development prospects are promising. 


The University Governing Board suggested that ShanghaiTech should always committed to it unique mission and vision, better integrate ShanghaiTech’s Fourteenth Five-Year Plan with the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan  of the nation, the Ministry of Education and Shanghai,  and actively undertake innovative basic research and national strategic research by seizing opportunities such as the national laboratory construction, 


The University Governing Board hoped that ShanghaiTech University will achieve higher-quality development in the next five years and make greater contributions to serving the national innovation-driven development strategy and the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.