How to explaining data and build up knowledge from data has become more and more important in biomedical research, with various of high through-put data such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, imaging and phenotypical data becomes available. Biomedical big data platform in SIAIS was founded to provide support for scientific research and education regards high through-put data generation, analysis, integration, visualization and storage. We aim to play as a hub to speed up the transferring of data to knowledge in biomedical research especially in translational medicine research.

Besides data relevant expertise and infrastructures, we also run a small lab for high through-put sequencing and library construction. This way scientists in our group could seamlessly design and analyze high through-put sequencing data with fully understand genome technology from data generation.

We provide the following services:

Deep sequencing:

Our major devices are whole set of small devices for molecular biology and a HISEQ2500.

We are still working on our services list and sample submission.


We provide general sequence analysis, data mining for open source databases or other kinds of source, functional analysis for omics data, omics data analysis, such as next generation sequencing data analysis and so on.

Statistical tools:

Beside bioinformatics tools we also provide statistical support for data analysis. Biology is growing as a quantitative science, and data analysis is very difficult without an appropriate background. We help researchers in data analysis and quantification of their experiments.

Molecular modeling/molecular dynamics:

Computational techniques are of fundamental importance in the studies of single molecules properties or molecule-molecule interactions. We provide a large variety of approach to the study of molecular biology. Molecular docking, molecular mechanics and dynamics, statistical analysis are all example of the service that the informatics platform can provide on several different scales, ranging from quantum mechanics to coarse grained systems, passing through all atom simulations.

Computational service:

The platform disposes of an independent computational cluster with GPU acceleration that can be accessed by SIAIS researchers for intensive computation application. The list of application installed is continuously updated, in order to fulfill all the different requests.

Database and data server services:

We manage a centralized data server for the whole Institute, helping the researchers to safely store and share their data between other members of the institute.

Software management:

Licenses for the software used by the different labs are also managed by the Informatics Platform. Please refer to us if you need to install them.