Among the various analysis services we are going to provide, the principal ones are listed as followed:
Protein Identification.We will provide the identification of proteins in cells and tissues, proteins in solution, protein gel band/dot and et al. Our experienced team members will take care of the sample preparation using high-quality experiment consumables, and conduct the analysis experiment on the high-sensitive and high-resolution mass spectrometer.
Protein Quantification.We will provide quantification analysis of target proteins by LC-MS combined isotope labeling methods (TMT, iTRAQ and SILAC).
Protein Structure Analysis. The LC-IM-MS combined HDX technique will provide the structure information of proteins including dynamic protein conformation,protein-protein interactions, and protein-small molecular interactions.
Identification and Quantification Analysis of Metabolites. Our developed LC-MS techniques will be used for the identification analysis of complex metabolites mixtures and quantification analysis of target metabolites.

Identification and Quantification Analysis of small molecules. We will provide identification and quantification analysis of small molecules in complex matrix by LC-MS and NMR techniques.

Table 1. Functions of SIAIS Analytical Platform