1. Deep Sequencing

The platform has an Illumina Hiseq 2500 System, a Miniseq System and a Nanopore MinION MK1B sequencer, as well as a full set of instruments related to library construction and quality control. Our platform can provide high-throughput sequencing services and technical supports, including consultation, sample quality control, library construction and high throughput sequencing services.


Instruments list:

Illumina Hiseq 2500 测序仪

Illumina Miniseq 测序仪

Nanopore MinION 测序仪

Illumina Hiseq 2500 System

Illumina Miniseq System

Nanopore MinION Sequencer

Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

Qubit 4.0

Lonza FlashGel 电泳系统

Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

Qubit 4.0

Lonza FlashGel System

Dolomite μEncapsulator

BioRad 96孔深孔PCR仪

Bioruptor Pico

Dolomite μEncapsulatorBioRad 96-deep well PCRBioruptor Pico

In Nov. 2021, platform is equipped with a new instrument - Singleron Matrix® automated single cell processing system. It can be used as an intergrated part for the preparation of single-cell sequencing libraries. The instrument can dispense the single cells in suspension into the proprietary SCOPE microwell chip, and automatically complete the cell separation, cell lysis, and mRNA capture steps within 30 minutes. Our platform provides single-cell suspension preparation, sequencing library construction, and high-throughput sequencing services and technical support. 

Singleron Matrix® Single Cell Processing System
Singleron Matrix® Single Cell Processing System

2. Bioinformatics

The platform provides general sequence analysis, data mining for open source databases or other kinds of source, functional analysis for omics data of the next and third generation sequencing, omics data analysis, such as Hi-c data analysis, Genome assembly, Genome annotation, RNA-seq data analysis, ATAC-seq data analysis, CRISPR g-RNA screening, proteomics data analysis, single-cell RNA-seq data analysis, BCR/TCR/Antibody library analysis, genome sequencing mutation analysis, DNA Encoding Library (DEL) sequencing data analysis, etc.

We also provides the usage of a commercial software, CLC Genomics Workbench, a bioinformatics integrated analysis tool for Genomics and transcriptome data analysis.

Examples of works:

3. Visualization

Our platform provides scientific illustration service. We work together with scientists to highlight their research results in visual mediums including: cover illustrations for research journals and books; graphical abstracts for papers; short animation clips; diagrams for posters and presentations. We also provide web sever development service.

Examples of works:

4. Training

The platform provides trainings on R programming, Linux basic programming, specific topic on data analysis, theoretical and experimental applications of high-throughput sequencing.

How to use?

If you have a requirement of high-throughput sequencing or data analysis, please download the sample or data analysis submission form, fill in the requirements, print and sign it, finally submit it to us. Or you can contact us for consulting, submit the form after communication and comfirmation. 



In order to manage and record the charge of services, we have put our services list online. In addition to the submission form above, you also need to go to ShanghaiTech University Instrument Sharing Platform website to submit your requirements (https://eshare.shanghaitech.edu.cn/). 

Notes: The instrument sharing platform is availabe to both people on campus and outside the campus. People on campus can login with a unified identity. People outside the campus can submit service requirements through new user registration. You can contact us if there is any problem.

Contact: Lichun Jiang, phD


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