SIAIS holds the fourth Meeting of the 1st SIAIS Academic Committee


On December 18th, SIAIS held the fourth Meeting of the 1st SIAIS Academic Committee in the ShanghaiTech Conference Center. Thirteen SIAIS Academic Committee members, composed of distinguished experts in the field of biomedical research, and thirty representatives of SIAIS faculty attended the meeting. 


The meeting was hosted by Rao Zihe, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of SIAIS and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Jiang Ge, Vice President of ShanghaiTech University and Executive Director of SIAIS, delivered the opening remarks. Jiang Ge went on to provide an overview of SIAIS, summarizing recent achievements in talent and culture development, graduate education, scientific research, technology transfer and other aspects. This was followed by eight research groups from the Anti-Tuberculosis Structure Center (A-TB Center) of SIAIS which each delivered their progress reports to the committee and the audience. Following this, another eight SIAIS research groups, founded over three years ago, reported their research progress. The committee discussed the research with the SIAIS faculty members and provided insightful advice.


As the final item on the meeting agenda, the thirteen committee members held a closed-door discussion with the SIAIS leadership team. The committee affirmed SIAIS’ mission and vision, highly applauded SIAIS’ achievements in 2020, and provided precious advice on future directions. They also conducted a comprehensive evaluation on six distinguished professors’ research groups that were founded over three years ago.