Shanghai Clinical Research and Trial Center inaugurated at ShanghaiTech University


On April 29, Shanghai Clinical Research and Trial Center (SCRTC) was inaugurated at ShanghaiTech University in a ceremony held in the Y Building. SCRTC will promote the seamless connection between clinical needs and basic research, and the in-depth integration of medical care, education, research and industry.


Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Shanghai, attended the meeting.


SCRTC aims to gather high-quality resources in Shanghai to focus on major diseases, and become an innovative medical platform integrating the latest medical, biopharmaceutical and artificial intelligence technologies. This center will be of great significance in the construction of an international science and technology innovation center. It will form a base for strengthening scientific and technological innovation and the application of research achievements, medical innovations and developments of the biopharmaceutical industry, and the gathering and sustainable development of talent and resources.


Vice Mayors of Shanghai Chen Qun and Zong Ming inaugurated the SCRTC.


The SCRTC aspires to be a world leader. Starting from a strong foundation of high-level planning, construction and operations, the aim is to build a world-class clinical and scientific research platform and consortium with the prestige to set global standards in the field of biomedicine. SCRTC will strengthen the development of the medical disciplines at ShanghaiTech including clinical medicine, basic medicine and biomedicine. The center will cultivate medical scientists with outstanding clinical and research capabilities, and accelerate the recruitment of talents and teams with an international perspective. 


SCRTC will work to build a clinical research community with Shanghai characteristics, promoting the open sharing and overall utilization of clinical research resources in the city. This will promote the close connection of the latest scientific and technological achievements with the needs of clinical research. This will also boost the transfer of clinical research results, thereby releasing the potential of Shanghai's medical and biopharmaceutical technology innovations. At the same time, SCRTC will also explore innovative systems and mechanisms, forming a best practice model that can be replicated and promoted. It will play a bridge role in three aspects: the transfer of scientific research results into enterprises, the communication between Shanghai and the country, and the exchange between Shanghai and the world.


ShanghaiTech has signed cooperation agreements with Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Children's Hospital of Fudan University, Ruijin Hospital, Ninth People's Hospital and Huadong Hospital respectively.


Li Ruxin, Party Secretary of ShanghaiTech, delivered a speech


Director of SCRTC Zhu Chouwen introduced the center

With the approval of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, SCRTC was  established as a subordinate institution of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission. It is constructed and managed by ShanghaiTech University with the director responsibility system under the leadership of the Board. SCRTC will be planned and constructed according to the standard of tertiary general hospitals. At the initial stage, it will focus on the research of neoplastic diseases, nervous system diseases, panvascular diseases, respiratory diseases, rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, sensory system diseases and other diseases. Based on the collaborative innovation platform for clinical research and translational medicine of ShanghaiTech University, SCRTC will pioneer collaborative research with first top tertiary hospitals, thus laying a foundation of experts and research resources for future clinical research.