SIAIS Analytical Chemistry Platform

Analytical platform is a core facility funded by SIAIS-Shanghaitech University. The goal of the platform is to provide biomolecules characterization services to scientists at Shanghaitech University and external clients globally.The platform is equipped with state-of-the-art facility including two Orbitrap Fusion MS, one QTOF MS, one 500M NMR, one two-D UPLC, one GCMS, etc. A wide range of software tools including Proteome Discover, Maxquant, MASCOT, SCAFFOLD, HDExaminer, PEAKS, Biopharma, and SimGlycan are also available for the following Database searching and data visualization. The platform staff work closely with SIAIS bioinformatics team to provide statistical solution to our clients.


免疫化学所分析化学平台隶属于上海科技大学,致力于为上科大课题组及其他科研机构提供高质量的生物分析(主要是生物质谱分析)。平台配备的设备包括:两台超高分辨质谱仪Orbitrap Fusion(Thermo Scientific),两台nanoLC(Thermo Scientific EASY1200),一台微升液相(Thermo Scientific U3000)一套氢氘交换系统(Leaps),一台QTOF-MSAB Sceix 4600,一台二维液相(Aglient 1290)。平台配备一系列数据分析软件,包括