The state-of-the-art services the platform carry out include synthetic molecules characterization, protein identification/quantitation, protein-protein interaction, and protein structure, dynamics analysis, Glycosylation analysis, etc.


 •Protein Identification service. The service identify proteins from solutions or gel bands.


 •Quantitative proteomics analysis. The service measure relative protein abundance using Label free, SILAC, iTRAQ and TMT techniques. We accept samples from cells, tissues and serum.

定量蛋白组学分析:包括非标记定量分析、同位素标记定量分析(SILAC, iTRAQ and TMT)。样品类型可以是细胞、组织等。

 •Protein Structure Analysis. Both chemical crosslinking MS and HDX-MS techniques are employed to study dynamic protein conformation, protein-protein interactions, and protein-small molecular interactions.


•Metabolites characterization. We provide identification services for metabolites mixtures and quantification services for target metabolites.


 •Synthetic molecules characterization. We provide both identification and quantification services for synthetic molecules and oligonucleotides by using LC-MS, GCMS and NMR techniques.


•Antibody characterization services. 


1.Accurate mass determination for mAb, ADC, biosimilars, fusion proteins分子量测定

2.Disulfide bond mapping二硫键分析

3.mAb denovo sequencing氨基酸序列分析

4.PTM mapping including glycosylation翻译后修饰分析

5.Aggregation, purity and charge variants characterization 纯度、电荷异质性分析等

Table 1. Functions of SIAIS Analytical Platform