Lu Zhang Ph.D.

Assistant Professor      

Principal Investigator


Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies

School of Life Science and Technology

Research Area Structural biology, Glycobiology, drug development based on three-dimensional structure of the drug target   

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2001-2005  Bachelor degree student in Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, China

2005-2008  Master degree student in Microbiology, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University, China

2016-2019  PhD degree student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology under supervisor of Prof. Zihe Rao, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University, China, also a visiting collaborating PhD student at the ShanghaiTech University.


Working Experience

2008-2016   Working as a professional staff in the College of Life Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology, Nankai University, Ministry of Science and Technology, China (2011-2013)

2020-now   Assistant professor in School of Life Science and Technology, PI in Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS)


Research Interests

(i) Structural study of drug target proteins involved in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis cell wall synthesis and structure based new anti-Tuberculosis drug development;

(ii) Structural and functional studies of disease-related membrane-bound glycosyltransferases (GTs).

Dr. Lu Zhang has contributed to determining the three dimensional structures of multi-pass transmembrane proteins and protein complexes related to drug targets of infectious diseases (i.e. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) by comprehensively using cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography; concentrated on the glycobiological and biochemical strategy of understanding the functions of membrane-bound glycosyltransferases (GTs). She has now opted for developing new anti-tuberculosis drugs based on 3D structures of the drug targets.


Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, Lu*; Zhao, Yao*; Gao, Yan; Wu, Lijie; Gao, Ruogu; Zhang, Qi; Wang, Yinan; Wu, Chengyao; Wu, Fangyu; Gurcha, Sudagar S.; Veerapen, Natacha; Batt, Sarah M.; Zhao, Wei; Qin, Ling; Yang, Xiuna; Wang, Manfu; Zhu, Yan; Zhang, Bing; Bi, Lijun; Zhang, Xian'en; Yang, Haitao; Guddat, Luke W.; Xu, Wenqing; Wang, Quan#; Li, Jun#; Besra, Gurdyal S.#; Rao, Zihe#.Structures of cell wall arabinosyltransferases with the anti-tuberculosis drug ethambutol. SCIENCE. 12 Jun 2020. 368(6496):1211.

  2. Zhang, Lu*; Zhao, Yao*; Gao, Ruogu*; Li, Jun; Yang, Xiuna; Gao, Yan; Zhao, Wei; Gurcha, Sudagar S.; Veerapen, Natacha; Batt, Sarah M.; Besra, Kajelle Kaur; Xu, Wenqing; Bi, Lijun; Zhang, Xian'en; Guddat, Luke W.; Yang, Haitao; Wang, Quan#; Besra, Gurdyal S.#; Rao, Zihe#.Cryo-EM snapshots of mycobacterial arabinosyltransferase complex EmbB(2)-AcpM(2). PROTEIN & CELL. 03 May 2020.

  3. Zhang, Bing*; Li, Jun#; Yang, Xiaolin; Wu, Lijie; Zhang, Jia; Yang, Yang; Zhao, Yao; Zhang, Lu; Yang, Xiuna; Yang, Xiaobao; Cheng, Xi; Liu, Zhijie; Jiang, Biao; Jiang, Hualiang; Guddat, Luke W.; Yang, Haitao#; Rao, Zihe#.Crystal Structures of Membrane Transporter MmpL3, an Anti-TB Drug Target. CELL. 24 Jan 2019. 176(3):636-+.